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The Rocks Rock

Saint Mary Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana

"They" say that if you are a photographer you should not take pictures in the middle of the day because the sun is so harsh, well sometimes "they" are wrong or perhaps just lack initiative or imagination! I captured this image during the midday on the shores of Saint Mary Lake. Experimenting with aperture and shutter speed allowed me to take this wonderful image. This image looks especially good with an acrylic finish.

Saint Mary Lake is the second-largest lake in Glacier National Park.


Why do we hang photographs or artwork on the walls in our homes or offices (do you remember when people had offices other than a home office?) For many people, it represents something that is very personal and emotional. Do you remember when you were young and the poster you hung in your room had to "mean something." It was a representation of who we are and something that visually said something about us. As we get older, it's the same conversation, we hang photographs and artwork on our walls that speaks to us and has created an emotional connection. Sure, it looks cool, but artwork is so much more than that. It often represents a place or event that is meaningful to us . Perhaps it's a connection with someone who means something to us, perhaps the artist or who you received the work from, or just that its enhances our "chi!" What ever the reason, we still need to hang meaningful art in our homes and offices. For the sophisticated art buyer, it's a process that needs to be undertaken, it demonstrates to family, friends and associates that you understand art or the artist. The image has a story that you are proud of. When people ask you "where did you get the beautiful artwork" or "how did you happen to choose these pieces," you have a compelling story that you are proud to share!

As for me, David C. Benson, in addition to the relationships I foster with my clients, I seek to obtain friendships first and not profit. I had a 35 year career of chasing the dollar and striving to seek the approval of management. Now I only want to seek your approval!

Standing Tall

Steamboat Mountain Ski Resort - Steamboat, Colorado

Standing Tall is an image of a "Snow Ghost" that was taken on Buddy's Run at Steamboat Mountain. Named after Wallace "Buddy" Werner. Buddy was a native of Steamboat Springs, CO and an Olympic Skier who's life was tragically cut short in an avalanche. I like to think that his spirit resides in each and every snow ghost.

As a native Montanan, I grew up skiing with these snow ghosts and learned to respect and admire them The Whitefish Montana Visitors and Convention Bureau has a wonder story about snow ghosts on their website.


Not only is it fun to go through the process of procuring art and hanging the art, it's the beginning of a relationship with the artist who composed and created the artwork. Meeting new people is always fun and rewarding. I look at everyone customer as a new friend that I'm getting to know and one that I want to help in getting the artwork that is best for them and enhances the space where is is going to hang! The first decision that is often made is where the piece will go in someones home or office. You then need to decide on the photograph that will best suit your space. We are so fortunate these days that we have some many choices to display our images that will make your artwork standout. The choices range from traditional paper prints, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood (both on the wood themself and paper prints mounted on wood backing,) glass, concrete and almost any other surface else you can think of. It might seem overwhelming but that is where a good relationship with the artist allows you to make the right choice. All of the images I produce are of the highest quality and production, museum grade and archival that will last a lifetime! I guess, what I'm gettin' at, is if you have a vision I can help you see it!

Autumn Splendor on Colorado!

Ouray County - Colorado

Colorado in know for its autumn colors especially in Southwest Colorado. Here, Mount Sneffels is on display during a beautiful sunny afternoon in September.


To insure that you are getting the image that you want and will like, I will be there with you every step of the way,…..if you want? Not everyone will need my help and will be perfectly able to choose an image, order it, get it shipped and hang it! Whatever the situation you will be dealing with me and I will make sure either way you get what you want.

90 Seconds

Grinnell Peak - Glacier National Park, Montana

View of Grinnell Point across Swift Current Lake from above the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park.

I took this image on a very raining morning in mid July above the Many Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park. I was lucky enough to capture this image during the "90 Seconds" of sunrise we had that morning. It is true, it's often better to be lucky that good!

If you are a lover of beauty, history and the National Parks of America, Swiftcurrent Lake, Many Glacier Hotel and Mount Grinnell should all be on your bucket list. If not, you can always let me help!

Swiftcurrent Lake

Many Glacier hotel

Mount Grinnell

George Bird Grinnell


It's also important to think about where your image is going to be displayed and what kind of light it needs to be presented. Depending on natural light, you may not need any additional lighting at all during the day. At night it may be that your interior lights work just fine. However, in todays world of photographic options (wood, metal, acrylic or glass etal) additional lighting may be needed. Metal prints are wonderful with a specific light focused on the image and the use of directional recessed lights or "can" lights can make every image in your home or office pop! I have lots of experience in lighting images so I'm happy to help!

Beautiful Bryce Sunrise

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

There is never a bad time to photograph Bryce Canyon National Park but the mornings on a sunny day are especially brilliant. The colors of the canyon come to life when the sun begins to rise and the National Park welcomes you to the day. Once you see this sight you certainly appreciate what our National Parks have to offer!

Bryce Canyon National Park

** Please note that all references to my images are from internet sources (wikipedia, websites, etc.) that describe the location and what is/may be the subject of the image. It is not meant to be an academic reference. I use these reference to help you understand more about the image and allow you to tell your story of your image!