David C. Benson

David C., aka “Benny” Benson is a Montana-born and Denver, Colorado-based professional photographer focusing on images involving landscape, travel, and nature.

My photography business is a deliberate choice to now follow a lifelong passion after enjoying a very successful professional career as an insurance broker, collegiate rugby coach, and creating a lifetime of travels, journeys and explorations.

I’m a happy husband (wife Claire - pictured below), loyal friend, enthusiastic “dog father” (Jill) and an Eagle Scout. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life and sharing my images with those who appreciate art and photography.

Artist Statement

My approach to photography ­­­­stems from the insatiable desire to capture images that are unique to me– and, hopefully, different from what you see from other talented and excellent photographers. I take photographs in any environment that I find myself; I’m conscious of trying to find a clever angle or perspective that I hope will be pleasing to the people that view my images.

I enjoy the devotion to my craft and aspire to be the best I can when it comes to education, technical expertise, and inserting myself in situations where the beauty of this world is best illuminated!

No matter where I am, I adhere to a Code of Ethics and observance of the “Golden Rule.” I continue to be an ambassador of my profession and love sharing ideas and principles with other photographers as well as the public.

My intent is to capture the emotion and heart of this world through my images and prints. It is critical to me that the images I photograph are natural renditions of the objects I see. However, “art is art” and I will continue to explore what excites and pleases people.

I use modern post-processing tools and I often experiment with these tools to make my artwork more aesthetically pleasing to myself and the buyers of my artworks.

I am a proud member of the Nature First Photography Alliance. Our goal is to help conserve the natural places we love and photograph through wise use, education, outreach, community, and research. If you are a fellow photographer who cares about responsible nature photography, please join us.

All of my artwork is available for sale directly through this website!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.